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exoticdancer's Journal

~*ExoticDancer Community 4 Dancers By Dancers*~
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Forum for exotic dancers, DJs, Bouncers and contractors in the adult industry.


The title says "Exoticdancer" but we welcome all women and men of the adult entertainment industry to join.

As of September 2005, access to this community pends approval from the maintainer. If your request to join has been denied, please read here. Otherwise, please continue to read the following:

This community is for women and men who are working in the business, have previous experience in the industry or are seriously interested in getting into the business and want advice and feel they have something to offer. A place for us to talk about the business, customers, advice, bad and good experiences and just good old venting about work!

The Low Down

First and most important...this community is for people in/looking to get into the adult industry only!!! Period. Don't ask to join if you're not in the business and you never plan on being in the business. If you're anti-dancer do not join so you can bash the profession. "Customers/Regulars" are not welcome. If you are found you will be banned.

If you're looking for nudity..Try nakedparts because you won't find it here. If you are here to advertise for services, I welcome work-related advertisement for clothing, shoes & music. I do not welcome solicitations to enter the webcam, foreign escort, or the porn film industry. If you have an inquiry regarding advertising send the moderator an email.

If you've come to debate our lifestyle or choice of profession...please take it somewhere else. We've all heard it before.

We do have "regular lives" outside of work just like you do. Most important let's share and chat and have a good time!

To anyone who wants to join, we'd love for you to introduce yourself so we can find out where you stand as far as your interest in the community goes.

Make your posts friends only!

You can fill out the questionnaire to let us know a little more about yourself and your experience if you want to.

Please be respectful of each other always! If you are being abusive to another member you will be banned. If your post contains links, images or content that will potentially bring drama to this forum from 'the outside' your post will be removed.

That has yet to happen! I have had to ban a few people who were 'peepers' and didn't belong. Not for being rude. Don't be our first! This community has been drama-free so far. We'd all like to keep it that way. :)

For Dancers!

If you want to learn some cool pole tricks or just how to put on a great stage show I so recommend Fawnia's videos!!! Check them out they're worth every penny. You'll get your money back in tips believe me!!

See the instructional videos for exotic dancers:

If you are already a dancer and would like to learn new floor-work and couch dance moves, or are a new dancer and would like some tips on these things, try the site below. Recommended because you get to see the moves of many dancers. Use and practice what works for you right in your home!



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Contact Info:

If you want to contact the admin you can email yayhappens here.